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Virtual numbers

Virtual number is a regular mobile number without a SIM card. 

If you have a virtual number, others can call you as if you were using a regular phone number. You will also be able to answer calls with any Lithuanian telephone number. Calls to the virtual number can be received from all over the world and forwarded to your selected numbers.

Virtual number is useful in:

Ad and dating sites when indicating your contact number.
Company catalogues when publishing company’s number.
Social networking sites if you do not want to reveal your real number.
In case calls should be redirected to several different numbers.
Creating a small call centre.

Virtual number service is useful in business as well. If an employee requires reception of customer calls only, he can use a personal number and promote your company’s virtual number. You can also have only one virtual number from which calls are forwarded to several managers. This service ensures the possibility to avoid losing clients in case an employee is leaving your company along with his or her personal phone number. The virtual number will not change and it will remain known to all clients. You will only have to change the numbers to which calls to virtual number should be forwarded. 

You may choose availability time when your virtual number could receive calls. Therefore, customer calls will not disturb you in the middle of the night, as they will appear in the virtual number’s voicemail.

You can perform full virtual number administration via Internet access. Here you can set call forwarding numbers, select availability time, record a voice notification, adjust voicemail settings as well as find all payment history, call reports and statistics.

With a virtual number, it is possible to use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) capabilities. By using the IVR feature, you can personalize a menu with referrals to real numbers or voicemail and broadcast selected sound recordings. IVR also allows creation and administration of a call centre.
Virtual number price is only 2.03 Euro per month without additional charges! You can use this service as long as you like without any unnecessary commitments. For more information, please visit our virtual number service website at

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