The area of Value Added Services covers broad range of the services – from entertainment projects to intellectual services for business.

Short Numbers

A short number is a four-digit number used for reception of SMS messages and phone calls from all network operators in Lithuania. 

The services we offer include:

The rent of short numbers for 

Mobi LT short numbers for receiving calls are charged at the 0.29 Euro rate. The price of SMS messages varies from 0.09 Euro to 9 Euro. Short number activation and maintenance costs are relatively high. Therefore, Mobi LT allows companies and organizations to rent short numbers. The rental time can vary.

SMS services

Premium rate SMS gives an option to tax goods and services. It means your clients will be able to pay for them by sending a text message to a specific short number. The possible rates vary from 0.09 Euro to 9 Euro. This service is available to subscribers of all Lithuanian mobile network operators. We activate the service within 1-2 working days. We also offer short numbers in other countries.

How does it work?

The user sends an SMS message that consists of your chosen keyword and if the user has a sufficient account balance, one receives a feedback message of your choice. 

The possibilities of short number

Premium rate SMS will provide you with an opportunity to organize polls, games, subscriptions, promotions as well as register new users, collect necessary information, register various events, etc. It is a convenient and quick way for users to sign up and it helps you collect and process information more efficiently. 
Possibility to promote brand awareness or popularity of your services using campaigns, during which the customer is encouraged to buy your product/service, sign up and participate in a game to win a special prize. We provide you with a short number, online access to monitor registration statistics and an automatic winner-drawing tool. In addition, we can store online registration data and provide an SMS sending tool, which allows you to congratulate the winners and notify about prize collection. There is also a possibility to notify about winning immediately after user registration with an SMS using a response, for example, “Congratulations, you have won a TV!” or “Unfortunately, you did not win the TV. Try again!”. On request, we can organise such campaigns not only in Lithuania but in other European countries as well.
Option to collect customer contacts using a short number in order to maintain a continuous connection
Possibility to tax goods and services at a low price. Clients will be able to pay for goods and services regularly. If necessary, we can develop and offer a variety of technological solutions for a high-quality and comprehensive implementation of your project.

Voting polls

Premium rate short numbers provide the viewers of your event, TV show or concert with the opportunity to vote and select their favourite participant or situation. A self-service access point presents the voting results with the option of displaying them in a TV screen or another way you prefer. You can also view the poll transcript, which helps to select the person who voted most actively and award him or her with a prize. To ensure the objectivity of voting results we can adjust a restriction filter that limits the amount of votes from one telephone number. For instance, one can vote only up to two, five or ten times using a particular telephone number (unlimited option is available as well). In addition, we give our clients the opportunity to use Mobi LT geographical or mobile numbering with the 700rd serial numbers. Voting price using these numbers is equal to the cost of a call to a different Lithuanian mobile network provider, depending on what network provider the voter uses. The service activates within 1-2 working days.


Mobi LT contributes to solving societal problems since 2004. For example, it contributes to charity and sponsorship projects by creating appropriate conditions for support organisations to collect funds with the help of calling or sending SMS messages to certain short numbers. Short numbers belong to Lithuanian telecom operators, therefore, numbers are appointed to specific support organisations only after receiving agreement from all Lithuanian network operators. 

More about organisation of support and sponsorship

We support projects that meet the following requirements:
Support project is of social nature and collected funds are used for relevant social issues, such as, treatment of illnesses, reduction of poverty or promotion of education. We also aim to prevent possible abuse of consumer trust and ensure that sponsorship reaches those who need it the most.
Implementation of a support project occurs on a national level.
Means of national media introduce and promote that support project. 
Support project will be effective only if its organisers definitely know to whom they intend to give the collected funds. For this reason, we encourage project organisers to ensure the support of national media. The amount of short numbers intended for support campaigns is limited. In case of planning a support campaign, which will require short numbers, one needs to take existing limitations into account and apply with a request to support the project as early as possible.  

When one submits a request for organisation of support, we ask to provide a project description (purpose of collecting funds, duration of the campaign and means of communication). If you cannot find the answers to your questions or want to receive more information about terms of this service, you are most welcome to contact us via e-mail at