The area of Value Added Services covers broad range of the services – from entertainment projects to intellectual services for business.

Call Centre

Call centre refers to management of company’s incoming calls, which increases the quality, and efficiency of customer service. It is also an opportunity to receive and transfer calls, automatically distribute call flow to company’s employees as well as collect statistics and record conversations. 

Customer service via telephone/call centre service

Our customer service operators can:

Communicate with your customers via telephone, e-mail or SMS.
Register inquiries, problems and orders of your clients as well as share that information with you using online or others means, which you prefer.
Forward your clients’ calls to the numbers you provide us with, if needed.
Record incoming telephone conversations.Run outgoing calls (collecting and sharing information, invitations to events and making inquiries).
Serve calls both during daytime and night-time.

We will provide you with a self-service site login using which you will be able to track call statistics (missed calls and their amount, the number of serviced calls/minutes, information about working agents, conversation recordings). Depending on your needs for receiving calls we can appoint geographical or mobile number as well as number of special 700 / 800 range. We are flexible, thus we will adapt to any of your requirements. 

Virtual call centre solutions

Call centre service is an application operating through the Internet that helps to manage call-handling process automatically and improve customer service quality by observing the efficiency of your employees. It is a great tool for monitoring the work of your team in both real time and previous periods by analysing statistical data. The purpose of call centre service is to use your employees’ time more efficiently, improve the quality of customer service as well as facilitate the work of both managers and staff by making a part of call-handling work automatic. 
Call centre service functionality includes call management, call recording, answering machine, upload of sound recordings, collection of statistics (the number of answered and missed calls, waiting time, call duration) and calculation of client service level. In addition, it includes collection of real-time statistics, for example, the state of agents/consultants (waiting for a call, on the phone, on a break) and the number of waiting calls.

Having installed the call centre service you can:

Collect more statistical information regarding the traffic of received and missed calls.
Manage call distribution according to required criteria.
Use the necessary IVR system.
Records calls.
Optimize agents’ work.
Control employees during working hours.
Improve customer satisfaction and ensure more efficient customer service.