The area of Value Added Services covers broad range of the services – from entertainment projects to intellectual services for business.

Business numbers

700 series service: the option to publish a single company’s telephone number in Lithuania.

800 series service: free number for your customer service.

700 series number

Depending on your needs, we may offer geographical or mobile numbering as well as numbers of 700 or 800 series for service management. Business numbers can be used to implement your call centre solutions and ensure automatic operation of services, such as, opening gates or car-parking barriers. It is also possible to use such numbers for TV or other sorts of voting.

700 series number: a five-digit phone number the code of which is (8 700). The 700 series service gives the opportunity to have a stable phone number. All companies that use this service can publish a single number across Lithuania, which means calls will reach all company departments. Calls to the 700 number are forwarded in the order, which is selected by one/several telephone line subscribers. There is an option to distribute call flow arrangements differently throughout the day, week or month as well as to one or several employees. 700 series number is not going to change if the company is changing its premises.

The caller pays for conversations using the 700 number. The cost of incoming calls to geographical, mobile and 700 / 800 numbers is calculated to each caller individually. They differ according to callers’ phone plan.

Everyone who is calling to the company’s 700 series number after working hours and on weekends or holidays will hear a voice notification you have selected. 

This service provides a great potential to simplify customer service procedures. Therefore, it is regarded as an extremely useful mean to improve company’s image and reduce customer service costs. 

If you have questions or want to receive more information about terms of this service, you are most welcome to contact us via e-mail at

800 series number

Have you got any concerns that clients do not call your company because they hesitate or worry about call duration, which affects call price? We offer you to purchase a number of 800 series: you will cover the costs of incoming calls and your clients will call free of charge without connection or call duration fees.

These services allow customers to manage call flow. For instance, receive calls from certain phone operators only, choose landline or mobile connection and restrict calls from unwanted numbers. In addition, at the end of each month you will receive a bill with detailed information on the amount and duration of received calls. This allows evaluation and optimization of service expenses.