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Auto dialer

Auto dialer is an innovative service that allows calling to a selected list of phone numbers automatically. According to the preferred functionality, a recorded message is broadcasted after a customer picks up the phone. One can also choose to connect the client with a selected number.

Full management of auto dialer service is accessible via Internet, where you can perform configuration changes and use necessary tools: call recording, audio file uploading, call generation principle (time and logic), answering machine, call analysis and other functions, which are adapted for your needs by our competent staff. If necessary, we can perform all the configuration work for you.

Auto dialer is an excellent alternative to sending SMS or other marketing means since it reaches a large audience of people.

Auto dialer is used for various purposes, such as:

Debt recovery. If your employees work with debtors, automatic calling is a great service to ease the workload. Our system which you operate using a self-service tool, can generate outgoing calls itself. At the end of the call, the system can connect your client to a manager or provide an opportunity to leave a voice message, if necessary. We can also broadcast the specific debt amount to your client directly, if you prefe.
Information regarding marketing offers/thanking clients for their loyalty. If you have many loyal clients and you want to thank them or offer special conditions for your goods or services, you can do so in an original manner.
Consumer survey. It is easy and affordable to implement customer and partner surveys using automatic calling. Clients and partners can evaluate your company’s services by selecting pre-existing responses, using the phone’s keypad or leaving a voice message after the call.
Reminders to clients. Remind your clients about a meeting, a processed order, a visit or another important matter using automatic calling. This service provides a unique way to inform your client about his or her plans.
Season’s greetings. An original way to impress customers and clients by dubbing a greeting with the voice of a famous person or even your company’s director. It is an individual greeting which every client and partner will definitely appreciate.

Auto dialer service is a unique manner of reaching a large audience of people within a short period using minimal effort. It promotes sells of your goods or services and increases customer loyalty as well as brand awareness. By using auto dialer service, you save much of your staff’s time and reduce operating costs. In addition, it is more effective than reaching the customer or client directly by using conventional means.

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