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SMS services

Mobile marketing using SMS is a direct way of reaching the target audience effectively as well as providing information about products and services.

Do you have a special offer or a discount for your customers? Do you want your clients to remember you? Do you want to maintain a continuous connection with loyal customers and do not know how to reach them more easily? From now on, you will be able to do all this both easily and conveniently. If you need to send a large amount of text messages or send them regularly, use Mobi LT SMS sending service.

If you require a single dispatch of text messages, you can trust us to administer and monitor this process. On the other hand, if you need to send messages regularly, you will be able to do it by using a messaging module that you can be accessed via Internet. For your convenience, we will customize this module according to your requirements. You will be able to send text messages not only in Lithuania but also throughout the world. Depending on your request, users will see the company or a campaign name instead of your telephone number. In addition, SMS messages are available in characters of both Latin and your native language. There is an option to send long messages as well. Your customers will receive them in the form of a single SMS message.

Using the messaging module you will have the possibility to set message dispatch date and time beforehand as well as integrate SMS delivery into your company’s system through HTML API. This allows sending text messages from your CRM, customer management or other system. If you have an existing customer database with full names, messages will be personalised. 

In self-service system you will be able to see the statistics of a selected period. It includes the amount of sent SMS messages, the number of delivered, rejected or blocked messages as well as how many messages are sent to each customer, how many customers received them and when. 

SMS sending is one of the most effective direct marketing means. Studies show as much as 80 per cent of people receive and read promotional SMS messages. In addition, the average SMS response time is less than one and a half minute, while the e-mail response time is greater than one and a half hour. Sending discount coupons via SMS is more effective as usage of them is ten times more frequent than usage of traditional print coupons. 

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